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Acknowledge Security Policy As a visitor of IAS, I understand that: All visitors must have government issued photo identification to present at the lobby desk. UTC visitors can satisfy    this requirement with an active company issued photo badge and will be issued a UTC Visitor Badge. UTC Foreign    Nationals will be issued a Foreign National, Escort Required badge. All UTC visitors should wear their UTC badge and the IAS badge in plain view while in the IAS facility. All visitors must return their IAS visitor non-pictured badges when leaving the premises. If returning the same day,    the badge may be retained until completion of the day's visit. Depending on the type of badge they are issued, visitors must adhere to the access control procedures listed in the    chart below: Badge Type Visitors Access Control UTC Picture *BADGE READER SYSTEM UTC "One Day" (“swipe” in & out readers”) Contractor “Picture” Contractor "One Day" SIGN-IN LOGBOOK Foreign National      (complete every column) Escort Required (complete every column) * Onsite contractors retain possession of their picture badges, other contractors return badges to lobby reception at    the end of each day/work period. Only personnel issued IAS photo badges are permitted to retain the IAS issued badge.    UTC photo badged visitors (except foreign nationals) have access to all areas except the IT/Data Center, which    requires prior IAS IT approval. Yellow Contractor photo badges have access during normal business hours: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm, Monday through Friday.    Access outside of these times must be pre approved by the IAS Facility Security Officer. All non-picture badges must be returned to the lobby receptionist Monday through Friday before 6:30 PM.    After 6:30 PM, Monday through Friday, proceed to exit the facilities through the North or South turnstiles and drop   off your One Day IAS Badge in one of the two exterior white drop boxes located just outside the turnstiles. Swapping, sharing, “tailgating”, or tampering with IAS issued badges or the security features within the facility is prohibited. All visitors requiring an escort MUST BE ESCORTED AT ALL TIMES . All Foreign Nationals must be escorted AT ALL TIMES. NO CAMERAS of any kind are permitted in the IAS facility; this includes CELL PHONES WITH PHOTO CAPABILITY.    Secure all such items outside the building. The use of unauthorized personal computers within the facility is prohibited. Connection of any unauthorized device to    the IAS computing network is prohibited. Portable media, storage devices (e.g., thumb drive, floppies, CD's), PDA'S, personal laptops, peripherals and/or wireless    connections are not allowed in the facility without prior written approval from the IAS GM. If you have a PW sanctioned laptop with wireless network capability, we require that you disable the feature while    inside our facilities to comply with our Security Manual & Policies that prohibit the use of wireless network devices. I have read and understand these requirements and herby agree to abide by them. I Agree, IAS - Security Policy Acknowledgement
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